Welcome to the Peacely Online App Download page (Beta)


Here, you can download or update the app version of Peacely Online. Although Peacely Online can be played through a browser without any installation (more information), some aspects of the gameplay require downloading assets from the server, such as images, sprites, and effects. This can be a hassle for players with slow internet connections.

To address this issue, we have created an App version of our game. The App version caches most of the assets during installation, which helps save bandwidth and significantly speeds up loading time.

Please note the following:
1. The App version is currently only available for Windows users. However, we plan to release a build for Linux and Mac in the future.
2. Updates for the app version may be slower compared to the web version, which typically updates instantly. To ensure you have the latest experience, you may need to manually update the app.
3. Your gameplay data will be synchronized between the app and online versions. This means you can play from any client at any time without losing progress.

We hope you enjoy playing Peacely Online and find the App version convenient and efficient.

Known bug: you can't purchase goods from the shop on app version (merchandise shop). But you can still buy it from browser version and log back in the app version.

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Peacely Online's Windows version made with electron